Why is the Fairface Best Business Review Platform?

In today’s online and digital world, the importance of online business reviews from customers cannot be overlooked by businesses and brands. Online business review sites play a decisive role in the decision-making process of customers. To buy a product or service or not depends upon how convinced the prospective customers are by reading reviews from best company review websites.

Customer reviews are the feedback given by existing customers for a business or brand after purchasing a product or service from them. The reviews on business review websites are based on the customer’s experience with the brand.

Nearly 91 percent of customers read at least one customer review on one of the best company review websites before making a purchase.

There are many customer review websites today where customers can post their reviews about a business or brands.

 Here are the reasons that make Fairface the best business review platform.

Showcase customer reviews on the brand’s website

  • A website is the address of a company in the digital world.
  • It is the digital storefront which customers visit prior to making a purchase.
  • Through an online business review site like Fairface, businesses and brands can showcase customer reviews posted on Fairface directly on their website.
  • Thus, Fairface enables businesses to capture the attention of prospective customers through customer reviews.

Make things easier for customers

  • In today’s fast-paced and busy world, customers hardly have time for anything.
  • Fairface gives businesses a chance to make things easy and convenient for their customers.
  • Instead of asking them to write a review, a business can directly share the Fairface link with customers, which they can directly open and write their review.

Create a business profile

    • A business can create a complete business profile with Fairface mentioning all the details.
    • A professional business profile helps to create the much-needed business impression in front of the customers.


  • The business profile can be edited anytime, anywhere.


Notifications and alerts

  • Being one of the best business rating sites, the Fairface platform sends real-time notifications to a business when a customer posts a review.
  • The notifications help a business to know when a customer has posted a review.

Interact with customers

  • The option to interact with customers also makes Fairface one of the best rating sites for businesses.
  • Businesses can engage and interact with customers on the go, and thank them for the reviews posted.

Positive reviews and ratings on company rating websites can help your business attract more customers. However, you may get both positive business reviews & complaints from customers. It is important to acknowledge and respond to both on local business review sites.