How to deal with negative reviews

An increase in the digital presence of brick and mortar stores as well as other online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and many others. It is becoming extremely important for these online retailers or any other service providers to ensure that their online reputation is up to the standard and there is nothing that is giving them a bad name in the online world.

The internet has made the world a small marketplace. We can search for any business just by googling it and the whole history of its good and bad work is in front of us within a fraction of seconds. No matter how hard you try too hard the reviews you have in the online world, there will be a platform on which you will have a review telling people about your services.

Even as a business if you have given perfect services to your customers. I can assure you that there will be someone who will be dissatisfied with your services. The only way to deal with such a negative feedback or review is to answer it positively. Below are the few important points that you should take care of while replying to such negative reviews.


Respond Promptly:

Try to respond to a negative review promptly. The early we can resolve an issue the best is for our business to have a positive reflection of our working ethics. Do not leave a negative review unanswered for a long time.

Be Real and Admit your mistake:

If you think that there was a lack of service at your end be real and admit your mistake rather than arguing and giving a vague explanation to your customers. it will affect your reputation as millions of people will be reading those reviews every day so an honest acceptance is the best remedy. give assurance to your customer that this won’t happen again or compensate for a replacement.


Write like a person, not a corporation:

Humans like to interact with humans not with bots or corporations. Try to give an individual touch while rectifying issues. When answering a negative review always provide your name and designation in the end so that the customer feels that someone is taking care of them rather than a generic message that you will look into this.


Understand How the rating sites work:

While collecting reviews it is important to know that how the rating sites work, If required do not hesitate to go for a paid plan. Paying few bucks can help you grab more customers in the long run. Some sites provide you insights of how your customers are responding to your services through analytics services. It is always helpful to have these tools handy especially if you are a small business.


Be Consistent:

Answering reviews and feedback needs consistency. It is as important as your schedule of SEO or answering the generated leads. Each of your potential clients will look for reviews about your business online before accepting your service.