How negative reviews can damage your business, But Fairface can help to overcome impact of negative reviews

Yes, Negative Reviews Can Impact Your Business But You Can Overcome this impact by using fairface feedback tool.

The damaging effect of a negative review can prevent nearly 90%of potential new customers making contact with your business in the first place. This means you lose new business and all the possible recommendation business in the future.

1. Loss of revenue for long term.

According to Fairface research, bad reviews on any social channels like Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Yelp have a significant effect on your revenue. A business with a low star rating below 2 stars reports 30% less revenue than the average enterprise. Forbes reports that 94% of consumers avoid a company with bad reviews.

2. Low Business reputation that hard to recover

Negative reviews have the power to damage the reputation you have built for years. Negative reviews  make potential customers trust your business less. Many people do not purchase online with a bad reputation and questionable credibility. 50% of consumers question the quality of a company with negative reviews. Abundant negative reviews are hard to fix, making it challenging to regain consumers’ trust.

3. Low search engine ranking

Review ratings affect the way your business ranks on search engines, it down your search results on google. Negative ratings make your business to rank poorly because search engines recommend the best enterprises to users.

Negative Reviews? Here’s How Fairface can help you

  • Register your business on, Our automated tool help to respond to reviews immediately or as promptly as possible. Most enterprises ignore negative reviews and don’t have strategies in place on how to effectively address them. It is a best practice to respond to both positive and negative reviews.  Our Research shows that enterprises that respond to more than 20% of reviews get 33% revenue than average enterprises.
  • Fairface review widgets with positive star rating will help to add it on your website to increase trust level.  The customer thought it was important enough to post a public review, so our analytics help to improvise them.
  • Invest in online reputation intelligence tools and reputation management. These tools and services can help you ensure that your online reputation is positive. They also provide you with tools to effectively deal with negative reviews.
  • We Encourage customers to give positive reviews to outweigh negative reviews and increase your overall ratings. Have a strategy in place to solicit reviews at the right time from your most valued customers.
  • Stay away from fake reviews websites.

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